albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote in animal_attacks,
albertina tangarife

Large jellyfish stings 100 beachgoers in N.H.

RYE, N.H. — New Hampshire authorities say about 100 people have been stung by a large jellyfish at a state park in Rye, and about six children and an adult were taken to a hospital. Wallis Sands State Park Manager Ken Loughlin told the Portsmouth Herald that lifeguards spotted the jellyfish, which was described as the size of a "turkey platter" and weighing nearly 50 pounds.

Paramedics were called to the popular beach at 2 p.m., after several children and adults were stung in the water. Lifeguards asked swimmers to stay out of the water as some of the victims were treated at the beach and others were taken to the hospital.

The jellyfish was destroyed.

Large jellyfish stings 100 beachgoers in N.H.
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