The Companion the Doctor never Talks About (wirrrn) wrote in animal_attacks,
The Companion the Doctor never Talks About

Fatal snakebite in West Australia

First fatal snake bite in West Australia for quite some time happened this morning (Wed Dec 1, 2010). A 42-year old man from the WA town of Gingin was bitten on the toe by a juvenile Gwardar (Pseudonaja nuchechis) whilst working on his computer. Crucially, he didn't go to hospital. Friends found him already unconscious 2 hours later and took him to hospital, but he died. He probably didn't think it was necessary to get help straight away because the snake was a baby; not realizing that all elapids, including the Gwardar, are lethally venomous as soon as they hatch from their egg.

Tags: australia, brown snake, snakes
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