albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote in animal_attacks,
albertina tangarife

Wild otter attacks farmer (view source for awesome pics)

Published: 19 Apr 2011

A wild otter attacked a farmer in a rampage across a village yesterday. The furry beast pounced on farmer Joe Burke and bit his hand before he managed to trap him in a canvas sack.

But the creature then chewed through the bag and started munching on Joe's van.

Joe, 52, had to run full pelt to escape the furious otter when it turned on him as he tried to shepherd it back to water.

The farmer had initially rescued the calamity-prone creature in Tulla, County Clare, Ireland, after it got its head stuck in a crisp bag and almost suffocated.

But the cranky mammal didn't take kindly to being manhandled and BIT his rescuer.

He then chewed his way out of a canvas sack before leaping out of a broken back window in Joe's van.

Joe said: "I was getting diesel in the village and he passed. If he'd gone up much further, he could be run over.

"We followed him into a courtyard and we blocked it off to capture him and that's when he stuck his head into the Tayto bag.

"He was attacking me constantly but eventually I got him into the sack.

"But he quickly ate through the canvas. One of the windows in the jeep was smashed, so he jumped out and ran off towards the village. The only thing available was a road cone so I got one of those over him."

Joe and local man Mike Hogan then carried the otter to a nearby river and released him.

But the beast appeared worn out and the pair had to rescue it again to prevent it from DROWNING.

Eventually the fanged fish-gobbler came to its senses and flipped off.

Joe added: "This fellow was very vicious. He did give me a bite on the hand, but I've two doctors in the family, so I'm well covered."

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