albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote in animal_attacks,
albertina tangarife

Coyote attacks toddler in Weymouth (MA)

WEYMOUTH — Police are searching for a coyote that bit a young girl’s head as she was walking with her grandmother in South Weymouth on Wednesday.

Capt. Joseph Comperchio said the 2-year-old girl suffered non-life threatening injuries, including a laceration on her head, after the animal bit her at about 11:30 a.m. on Clarendon Street. Comperchio said Weymouth officers and the state Environmental Police are still searching the area for the animal. The girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Comperchio said the grandmother thought the coyote was a dog when it began approaching. It then bit the girl and ran away when the grandmother screamed.

“It left the area, and we’re looking for it as we speak,” Comperchio said. Comperchio said there is some concern the animal may be rabid since coyotes usually avoid people, especially during the daytime.

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