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Animal Attacks

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Anybody , Moderated
This community does not exist in order to make light of tragedies or make fun of attack victims. This community is for people who are interested in the phenomena of various kinds of animal attacks and want a single source for links to stories about them.

Please read and obey the following rules, or be banned.

1. When possible, post a link and a title, not the entire text of a story. UNLESS, the linked site requires readers to have an account, then, please post the whole story BEHIND A CUT. Likewise, if you want to post more than a short paragraph, use an lj cut.

2. If the link contains a gory photograph or illustration, say so before the lj cut, so squeamish members don't have to see it if they'd rather not.

3. The moderator is an animal lover, and the owner of two pit bulls. Please refrain from discussions of how "evil" certain animals are, or how "stupid" people have to be to own certain breeds of dog. Discussions of how stupid people are to swim with polar bears (for example) are okay, likewise discussions of how stupid people are to leave babies unattended with ANY breed of dog. If you think that pit bulls are more likely than other dogs to attack people, please read here: http://www.badrap.org/rescue/myths.cfm

4. Discussions of tangental topics such as "What is your favorite animal attack movie" are permitted. (My favorites are "Jaws," "Tremors," and "Lake Placid.")

5. Morbid curiosity is human nature, and black humor is healthy. Please don't come to this community to tell us how sick we are because we are interested in stories about animal attacks.